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Are you Anemic...?
Get ready to Boost your Hemoglobin with Herbal Boost

Herbal Boost - 500gms

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Rs.750.00  Rs.499.00

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What does Herbal Boost do:

  • Purifies Blood

  • Boost Hemoglobin

  • Fights Premature Aging

  • Maintains Healthy Blood Pr.

  • Improves Immunity & Stamina

  • Strengthens Your Heart

  • Boosts Brain Health

  • Remove Bad cholesterol

  • Removes Kidney Stone

  • Cures Constipation

  • Prevents Digestive  Disorders

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 One Month Challenge - Boost your Hemoglobin Naturally 

You are in the Right Platform

  • Are You Anemic

  • No Blood in Your Body

  • Feeling Dizzy in Sunlight

  • Your RBC Count is very Low

  • Feeling Fatigued & Weakness

  • Your skin is Pale or yellowish

  • Suffering from Iron deficiency

  • Suffering from Vitamin deficiency

  • Wrong cycling of Menstruation

  • Struggling with Irregular Periods

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Rs.1500.00  Rs.899.00

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Your kids won't like this, they'll Love this

Get Ready to taste the Yummy Nature Mother Earth

  • 100% Natural & Organic

  • 100% Vegan & Home-made

  • Pure, Hygienic & Chemical Free

  • No Preservatives & Artificial Colors

  • Plant-based Formulation

  • Non-GMO  & Safe

  • No Binding Agents

  • Traditionally Healthy

  • Made with lots & lots of Love

  • All-Time Fav. for your beloved Kids

About POP Family

Iyarkai Pasumai Kudil is not a company, It's a Life beyond Nature.

We are a family Husband, Wife & Daughter collaborating Nature with Technology & launching POP Products Digitally Worldwide to upgrade the Human Society for a chemical-free Earth to Save the Mother Nature

  • Organic food is grown without polluting the soil by chemicals and also the air through spraying pesticides, both of these can cause severe health issues for living beings.

  • Organic food will be High in Nutritional value.

  • Organic food is Delicious and natural in Taste.

  • Organic food will enhance the Immune System of our body.

  • Organic food will Reduce the risk of various diseases.


Nutrition Facts per 100g

Energy : 327 Kcal

Carbohydrate : 78.80 g

Protein : 3.35 g

Dietary Fibre : 5.64 g

Fat : 2.85 g

Calcium : 116 mg

Iron : 45 mg

Phosphorus : 29 mg

Vitamin A : 18 mg

Vitamin B : 15 mg

Vitamin C : 47 mg

Cholesterol : Nil

A Mild Dose of 50+ Natural Herbs

Beetroot, Amla, Hibiscus, Jathikai, Pepper, Thulasi, Gokhru, Vetiver, Kadukai, Thippili, Lotus, Clove, Mint, Rose, Vallarai, Vilvam, Nannari, Sombu, Lemongrass, Green Tea, Aswagantha, Java Pepper, Sathavaari, Avarampoo, Bhringaraj, Rosemery, Adathodai, Coriander, Cardamom, Turmeric, Manjistha, Thuthuvalai, Chithrathai, DryGinger, Seenthil, Omam, Thandrikai, Cinnamon, SanguPoo, Moringa Leaf, Thetrankottai, Athimathuram, Pathimugam, Guava Leaf, BlackCumin, Elachi,

Koraikizhangu, Jamun Seeds, Seeni Thulasi, Thuthi Leaf, Cumin Seeds, jaggery, palm candy

A great alternative to Tea, Coffee & other Chemical-based Beverages

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Herbal Boost is so special because:

  • Herbal Boost is Rich in Protein with an appetizing taste

  • Herbal Boost helps to increase hemoglobin count

  • Herbal Boost is the best energy drink for children 

  • Herbal Boost to regularize menstrual cycle in women

  • Herbal Boost Nourishes pregnant women's health

  • Herbal Boost is an alternate drink for tea/coffee

  • Herbal Boost is a daily drink for all age groups 

  • Herbal Boost Helps to increase stamina 

  • Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D in Herbal Boost strengthen bones & joints.

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India's First Award Winning company to provide the Tasty Natural Herbal Beverages to get people rid of Tea Coffee Addiction

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